Malathion 95% TC
Malathion 95% TC

Malathion  95% TC



Malathion (CAS: 121-75-5) has good contact and stomach toxicity and certain fumigation effect, no suction effect. After entering the worm body, it was oxidized to malathion, which played a more toxic role. When it entered warm blooded animals, it was hydrolyzed by carboxylesterase which was not found in insects, so it lost its toxicity. Malathion toxicity and low residual period is short, effective on chewing mouthparts pests.


 Malathion Usage 

Malathion is used for broad-spectrum control of Lepidoptera in cotton, vegetables and fruit


Malathion Packaging details 
200L for one barrel or according to customers’ requirement


Malathion applicable crops
Vegetables, brassicas, cotton, maize, Fruits

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